ihttpd - a tiny, simple HTTP server

ihttpd is a tiny and simple (some would say stupid) http-server that runs under inetd.

A very brief list of the main features:

It can serve static and dynamic entities. Static entities are served from files, and dynamic entities are served with CGI scripts. It will make an educated (configurable) guess on the content-type of the static entities and return that as Content-Type header

The CGI interface is a bit different. By default it leaves complete control to the CGI-script. It can also use a wrapper program that makes it more compatible with normal CGI scripts (Status:-line parsing etc).

Minor but important characteristics:

ihttpd is also excellent for trying out new implementation details. Want to try TCP_CORK in Linux? mmap()'ed static entity serving? sendfile()? Serve byte-ranges of cgi-output? Automatically compressing and decompressing entities according to client capabilities? Implement WebDAV? ihttpd can do none of it but it is easy to change.


Here: ihttpd-0.5.tar.gz (13KB)

No inetd ?

You can use mini-inetd