Kassel, July 2022

I went to Kassel to see the Wilhemlshöhe Wasserspiele (water features) and other things. Unfortunately I forgot my usualy digital camara so I had to use my mobile phone which has a few problems with focus and white-balance.

Something from city center

I went to the city center (Sternpunkt + Königsplatz + Friedrichsplatz) to look for a cheap digitial camara but didn't find any.

Ice cream with taste of sweet woodruff ("Waldmeister"), miscllenaneous from the center, Königsplatz

Henschel museum

Henschel has made many locomotives and wagons, bells, pumps, cutlery, ovens, basically anything made from iron. they also made some of the older locomotives used in Denmark. The museum is not easy to find - you have to cross an industrial area with old wagons, cranes, mashine halls, etc..

Technik Museum Kassel

The museum is a bit messy but has some interesting things, such as a Transrapid, salt crystals, Siemens "Dermapan" (which the custodians didn't know what was), 5-phase power supply for maglev trains, ...

Kassel Rathaus

Nice town hall. I think there's a museum in it but I didn't have time to visit it.

Schöne Aussicht

That's what the street is called, and it fits.

Sepulkralkultur Museum

A museum for how death is handled, and the have a small exhibition of death rites,rituals, coffins, tombstones, death medals, sorrow coffins,, ... the museum is dark because they must protect the colors in fabrics and othe objects, so i didn't get many good photos there.

Wilhelmshöhe Wasserspiele / Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

The water features / sculptures were made 300 years ago and function only by gravity - no pumps. The first photo is of the "Herkules" monument, the second is from the hotel where you can just about see the "Herkules". Third photo is from Herkules toward the Wilhelmshöhe castle and the west city in the background. There's an elevation difference of 238 meters so take the bus to Herkules/Karlsberg.

A few photos from Lange Straße

The bigger streets can be a bit boring, but if you go to the parallel streets you see more interesting stuff.

Karlsaue and Siebenbergen

Karlsaue is a flood plain reclaimed as a park, and Siebenbergen ("Blumeninsel") is an artificial island wiht imported flowers and trees. Clsoe to Sibenbergen there's a café where I got a large piece of gooseberry cake.

Grimm Welt

The Grimm brothers lived a long timg in Kassel, and there's a museum about their work. Not jsut the collection of ffairytales but also their linguistic work. They only got to "Froteufel" in dictionary. The work on the dictionary has continued since then and is still not finished with 320,000 entries.

Lutherplatz / Rewe

I had to go shopping in Rewe and went by Lutherplatz, where there are some interesting honor graves.


Old watch tower from the middle ages, part of the old fortification.

Hessische Landesmuseum

Excellent museum that has a bit of everything, geology, arkaeology, and stuff from 1500 and newer.

Miscellanenous findings; advert for Milchleistungsfutter; Egyptian inspired (coffee-) pots; vases for show, drinking culture incl. "sturzbecher" (hochdeutsch, norddeutsch: "Störtebeker" (yes, that pirate the people on Bornholm gave shelter); "saving stove"; anti-war propaganda from WW2; Rührfix