No IPv6 at

For many years I got my IPv6 connectivity via a tunnel broker SixXS but they are shutting down / shut down the service at 2017-06-06.

So where to go from here? (native)

Backward apparently :-(

Where I live I can get these form of internet connectivity:

I currently have the xDSL and the cable connections: my setup

In Denmark at the time of writing (2017-06-05) some of the smaller, local ISPs offer IPv6, but most only for business connections and I don't see the point in paying 3 times more for the same product with a worthless SLA. The big ISPs don't offer IPv6. Current depressing status here.


There is one (1) Danish ISP that offers IPv6 on xDSL - depending on the DSLAMs. My regular ISP on xDSL doesn't offer IPv6 but they did honostly reply that they were working on it but definitely wouldn't have anything ready before 2017-06-06. I could switch to the other ISP but it only gives me 20MBps speed for IPv6, so far from optimal. Also, that other ISP is the only one I know of that doesn't have enough IPv4 addresses so you get stuck behind CG-NAT.


The provider (YouSee) has had "IPv6 in the works" since uhm... 2011 and has no plans of offering it. When you ask for IPv6 they ask back if I didn't mean "IPTV".


I know there is a fiber connection point 4 meters from where I'm sitting, but none of the fiber ISP offer IPv6.


High latency, bandwidth caps, and probably no more than a /128 prefix. No thanks.

Tunnel brokers

The "plethora" of tunnel brokers that SixXS talks about doesn't exist. Most have shut down. I can only find 3 active left. Two of them use 6in4 tunnels (Hurricane Electric and NetAssist). The last one do offer TSP but is located in Australia.

The problem with 6in4 tunnels is that they require at least an MTU of 1280 to work. And my fast cable connection has an MTU of 576.

My own tunnel

I already have a cheap VPS with IPv6 connectivity. The VPS company responded that they could assign it a whole /48 prefix. That means I could set up an OpenVPN tunnel. The company support then went missing for 14 days and still haven't responded to the simple "which IPv6 prefix has the VPS been giving, or are you using a prefix delegation protocol?"

I then looked for other VPS providers wit hlocal presence and IPv6 connectivity. One responded ( that they could't assign a whole prefix yet but expected to be able to within 14 days. A bit late for me.

I have another free VPS in a datacenter with IPv6 connectivity but the guy handling it wasn't sure if a /48 or /56 prefix was possible. I hope he will return with some good news in forseeable future.


Since my SixXS tunnel will become defunct in 5 hours I have been removing AAAA records from my DNS, and will stop my radvd daemon in a few hours.

So no IPv6 on until I get a new tunnel set up. I'm not holding my breath for the Danish ISP to offer it anytime soon.