In the summer 2010 I rode on my bicycle past Vipperød to see Sigersholm Voldsted, but I had to give up due to nettles, mosquitos and my bare legs, so this year it should be different!

First a small road in the forrest

And the road/path to it is on the right and appears impassable, but last year I reached much further

Ta-da! Trouser legs zipped on, and I'm ready to conquor the evil nettles and cheat the mosquitos of their blood price

The thorny twigs didn't catch me.

In arial photoes this are looks cultivated but it is in fact quite moist.

And the nettles leaning over the path cannot harm me...

The trees look nice

Sorrel og cloves?

The nettles are ready but so am I.

I got distracted by some branches. I do like moss

The nettles sulk - no bare legs for them this year

Oh. It has been raining a lot the past few weeks so there is more water in the moat than last year.

The nettl on the right - it is taller than me.

The path becomes impassable, but I have reached much further than last year. Some of the nettles actually sting through my trousers, which impresses me.

Ok, I give up. The nettles force me off the path. The photo is taken at head height. I did know that nettles could get tall but 2 meters is just not normal...

Through a shubbery at the side of the path...

And voila. The moat is still not passable. I can see the mounds. It's a f... Nettle Mountain!

I knew that further south the moat is also impassable (i tried last year), so I head North. And encounter a big ditch which probably brings the water from the moist area (mentioned earlier) to the moat. I wonder if the ditch is also 800 years old?

Down at the moat I can see that one should not try crossing it

Back to the ditch

And now the path out looks easy-peasy...

Out of the woods to the beautiful fields