Vienna September 2013

25h Hotel beim Museumsquartier

An alternative/unorthodox hotel. OK for 1-2 nights but probably not longer.


It's best not to be allergic to classic architecture.

Schloß Schönbrunn

The largest castle/palace in Europe, with approximately 4 km2 park.

Because camera flashes gradually bleaches the colors of the materials, and because most tourists are too stupid to switch off the flahs, photography is not allowed. But I do know how to switch off the flash so I took a few although the lighting is far from ideal.

The Technical Museum in Wien

Lots of stuff to see: Steam locomotives, Rube-goldberg machines, elektrohygiene, melting crucibles, vacuum cleaners, musical instruments, postal sealing equipment, a PDP-11 and an analog computer next to it, ...



Globen Museum

A whole museum dedicated to globes.

Esperanto Museum

There's also a museum for esperanto. It can be hard to keep a straight face when reading the glorifications of esperanto. There is even a pac-man-like game for learning esperanto.

Papyrus Museum

Me at the statue on Maria-Theresien-Platz


Micro brewery with restaurant. Their smoked beer is excellent. Their current brew was IPA exclusively with american hop (amarillo+cascade presumably). Quite interesting, and freshly brewed. The food is also good - great taste and large portions.

Another micro brewery is Strasserbräu but I have no pictures of that (I was busy enjoying their zwiecklbier).

Kapuzinergruft / Kaisergruft


There are many parks in Vienna whcih function as small oasises for the citizens. The photos that I have are not online - the parks should be experienced - not just seen.