SCTP for Java library




SCTP for Java library

Since you are reading this, the documentation assumes that you already have a good idea of what SCTP is.

Where to start in this documentation? SCTPSocket is a good place to start.

Some technical details

The implementation consists of both java classes and JNI. Currently, Java does not support SCTP directly, so the JNI interface is needed. The implementation is based on draft-ietf-tsvwg-sctpsocket-13.txt, with provisions for working on systems that are not up-to-date yet. which means all systems because the C-level SCTP socket API is still draft. The implementation has been tested on Linux 2.6.16 with lksctp 1.0.4 and Solaris 10 (x86). Note: The Solaris SCTP stack has problems mixing IPv4 and IPv6. The symptomp is that SCTPSocket.connect() fails if the specified address is a IPv4 address.


The implementation is still a bit rough, but usable. I have not tested all of the functionality but basic client/server functionality is working.


The performance is acceptable, and on an Opteron 1.6GHz you should see the test program being able to send 38.000 11-byte messages per second.