Ivan's utilities

Filename Size Description
grepcut - A combined grep+cut tool for special situations, suchs as extracting items from logs on resource-constrained systems
pyccm - A Python webserver that allows to you browse C/C++ source ode and calculate each file's cyclomatic complexity
Distributor - A C++, Java and Python implementation of load-balancing (eg ip-address) using sticky selection. High speed
TokenBucket - A C++ token bucket implementation with correction for rounding errors
Flexelint configuration - Flexelint configuration for OpenSuSE 11.1
ptree/ - ptree for HP-UX (source and binaries)
uniqcount - uniqcount program
Nedit stuff - Patches etc. for Nedit
gcc421.lnt 10393 Flexelint file for GCC 4.2.1/Suse-10.3/amd64
gcc410.lnt 10393 Flexelint file for GCC 4.1.0/Suse-10.1/amd64
Supertux levels - A few levels for the game Supertux
Battle of Survival maps - A few maps for the game "Battle of Survival"
traceroute patch - Patch for Olaf Kirchs traceroute on x86_64
mini-inetd - mini-inetd program (IPv4 and IPv6)
pfiles/ - pfiles for HP-UX (source and binaries)
pmap/ - pmap for HP-UX (source and binaries)
nwaycache - A C++ template for a N-Way set associative cache
Ivans HP-UX top - A HP-UX version of top that I have made. Much better than the default top on HP-UX
blockgrep - Block grep - search in blocks and output whole blocks
agg - Small Unix tool to calculate sub-totals in text files
arcdate6.arj 35009 Scans archives and sets the date of the archive to the date of the newest file in the archive. Supports ARJ, ZIP, LZH and RAR
cpsa/ A small tool to aggregate and calculate minimum/maximum/average of collected statistics from a text file.
detab.zip 8738 Converts tabs to spaces in a file. Supports specifying how large a tab is. Incl source.
ffdb1/ A simple C++ flat text file database implemented using STL.
ffdb2/ A not-quite-so-simple C++ in-memory relational database library implemented using STL.
lha211s.exe 58374 The source for LHA 2.11
nttctl.zip 35912 TCTL (Tape ConTroL) for Windows NT. Command-line program for rewinding, reading, writing, unloading, seeking ... streamers, eg. DAT or QIC. Incl. source.
partview.zip 23297 Shows low-level info on partitions on a harddisk including primary, extended, extended inside extended, and partitions hidden by OS/2 BootManager, etc. DOS and OS/2. Incl. source.
ihttpd - A small and simple http-server
retab.arj 7506 Converts text files with one tab size to another, eg. from 4 to 8. Incl. source.
tcprelay.zip 18626 TCP relay. Acts as a relay for TCP connections allowing you to re-route connections to other servers and/or ports. Incl. source for OS/2 and AIX
safespool - Safe spool is C++ library suitable for realtime queueing, persistent queues, spooling binary items, while giving guarantees for persistence. It has been optimized for putting things into the queue.
shsocket - Connects to server and then spawns child process with stdin/stdout redirected to the socket
sockjoin - Slightly different TCP relay. Can connect both ways
crelay - TCP compression relay for "interactive" traffic
tpcs.zip 44687 TCP streamer. Redirects socket<->stdin/stdout. Incl source. OS/2 and NT
textbuffer/ - A C++ implementation of a textbuffer suitable for editors that has to handle large files
wc.zip 11976 Unix'sh word count. Incl source.
xd.zip 21969 Shows a file/stdin in hex. Incl. source.