About Ivan Skytte Jørgensen

All the things you always wanted to know about Ivan Skytte Jørgensen but were to afraid to ask about

Who is Ivan?

The sections below will try to answer that.

Background and miscellaneous things I want to tell you about

Well, I was born and raised in the eastern part of the western part of Denmark (Jutland which is a peninsula connected to Germany), but moved to Zealand when taking a new job in '99

I like cats but don't have one myself because I think that my apartment is too small to keep a cat. Cats are wonderful for adjusting your ego. No matter if you have been elected president, run a marathon, or won the grand prize in the lottery - the cat wants to be fed and petted. Now.

I am one of the few remaining language pedants in Denmark. I really do not like it when people don't know the difference between words (for instance the danish equivalents of the verbs "lie" and "lay"). I am not a zealot like Académie française - I don't have a problem with foreign words like "niveau" or "burger". But I do have a problem when people use a foreign word where there exists a perfectly valid danish word with the exact same meaning.

Work and education

I'm currently working as both an independent contractor and as consultant at Grid rabbit. Previously part-time at Privacore. Previously I worked at CSG International (who bought parts of Volubill, who bought the Denmark department of Intec Telecom Systems, who bought Digiquant, formerly Belle Systems which was where I started), where I worked on the network-close systems, and keept out of the end-user contact. That brought me a bit around the world as I iwas giving consultancy to customers and integration partners.

I have previously worked as a programmer at FAÅ/ÅSK/CSA/... (www.picit.dk is the best link I can find) where I did a lot of interesting things and learned a lot.

I was educated as "edb-assistent" at Århus EDB-Skole (later on "Århus Business College, Information Technology" as a sub-division of Århus Business College). I graduated at the same time as the larger Danish banks were laying off from their internal IT departments, which did't make it easy to find a job as a fresh graduate. I took some extra courses and made some programs for fun, and after that started the education as "datamatician" (also on Århus Business College) in a special "turbo" variant where two of the initial semesters were done in 4 months. One of the good things about danish IT education is that early on we had formal educations in the IT area. The bad thing is that the names and curriculum is frequently changed.

Spare time and hobbies

Is Ivan doing canvas embroidery? Is Ivan collecting brown wrapping paper? Is Ivan translating wise words from tibetan monks into urdu? No, I don't have any hobbies exciting as that.

As most other programmers the work part of the programming is just a distraction, although a money-wise very reasonable one. It is more like a hobby that I incidently also do as a job. I could write numerous pages about how I started with a power-2000 home computer ("When I was a boy ..."), have survived my 486-computer, and is poking at larger systems now; but I think it is much more interesting and less boring if you take a look at my projects to get a feel for where my interests currently are..

I also do a lot of reading - mostly science-fiction but also science-fact by Gell-Mann/Gribbin/Hawking/Thorne/Novikov/Ferris/Lightman/Price. The books in my living room seems to be breeding by themselves and I have a fairly good collection of books that are hard to find in the libraries.

But wait! There is more!

But then you have to ask me.