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A rant

The links pointing to manufacturers' web sites are frequently broken. When they break it is because the manufacturer cannot read a simple instruction from W3C: "Cool links don't change"

Some manufacturers are quite good at maintaining links even over a period of 5 years. Good. Sun Microsystems really shines in that area (no pun intended). The documentation part of IBM's web site is also very stable.

In the other end of the scale we have Hewlett-Packard, wait... HP-Compaq, erhm... make that HPQ, well... actually just "the new HP". They move links to technical documentation all the time. Almost every day. Their webmaster should be shot. In addition to all this they also provide an utterly useless search engine.

Operating systems and thread documentation

CPUs (including technical specifications)

I am in general interesting in how CPUs are designed, and sometimes I code assembly for exotic architectures.

MISC (Minimal Instruction Set Computer)
This is an example of a MISC.
SPARC International
Documentation on SPARC processors
POWER and PowerPC
Motorola PowerPC Microprocessors
The PowerPC architecture. You can download the full specification on 32- and 64-bit PowerPC, instruction references etc.
IBM POWER and PowerPC assembler reference
Mac OS X Assembler Guide
Main page for MIPS processors, (R10000, assembler reference, etc.)
Digital CPUs
Alpha, StrongARM, ...
Hitachi's super-H processorer.

OS/2 relatered links

Previously, I used OS/2 quite a lot and made a few programs for it. Nowadays I use Linux.

EDM/2 - Electronic Developer's Magazine/2
A now defunct monthly online magazine. Contains a lot of good information for developers such as : inside HPFS, system hooks, writing installable filesystems, using OS/2 bitmap files, etc... I wrote two articles and helped with the html->.inf conversion
The OS/2 SuperSite
Contains a lot of links, shareware, slander, rumours, tips and tricks.
OS/2 e-Zine
Yet another electronic OS/2 magazine mostly geared toward end users.
Hobbes CD-ROM
Walnut Creek's CD-ROM. Previously it contained a lot of OS/2 stuff. There is tons of freeware and shareware, icons, fonts, patches and utilities.
Norloff's OS/2 shareware BBS & web
More BBS-like. Most files can be downloaded via HTTP.
JunkBuster is a small http-proxy which can filter out unwanted ads, banners and other "necessary" information (ahem..)
Since I switched to Linux I have filtered directly in squid instead